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A Telehealth Therapy service located in the Houston/Woodlands area offering statewide therapy sessions anywhere in Texas. Telehealth allows you the ability for convenient therapy sessions using any digital device virtually from your own comfortable location

Why Should You Consider Therapy?

Don’t let your busy life stop you from getting the quality help you deserve!

Are you currently struggling with trying to fit in with society “norms” and wondering if it is possible to be comfortable around other’s while still being your authentic self?

Or maybe you are currently dealing with chronic illness, depression or anxiety and unsure how to manage it

Whether you are dealing with a major life transition, questioning life issues, or looking for someone who can help you managing a specific situation, you have found a safe place to express & explore

What Other Professionals Are Saying

Positive • Accepting • Embraces Diversity - Linda Ledwig, M.S., LPC, NCC, CCFP

Kind • Easy to talk to • Genuinely Cares - Alyson Rockhold, Psychiatric Physician Assistant

Detailed • Fully Present • Compassionate - Bree Delgado, Board Certificate Music Therapist

Abundance of Empathy • Optimistic • Open Minded - Brigid Van Timmerman, MEd, Educational Leadership

Meet the therapist

Candis Zimmerman is a top-performing therapist in the Houston area who works with a wide range of clients but specializes in working with neurodivergent, non normative & outside the box thinkers as well as lgtbq+ & is also kink/poly affirming. Despite living with a chronic autoimmune disorder, Candis strives to be an example for others in that regardless of your current circumstances you have the power to change them for the better. As a woman who has battled depression and anxiety herself she is now dedicated to helping others who struggle. She is a lover of cats, particularly her two siamese which are sometimes seen in her virtual sessions. Another of her passions is music and singing with the New Orleans opera. When she has downtime, she is a TV junkie.

If you are seeking a therapist who will openly embrace you as the unique individual that you are, let’s explore collaborating together on your journey

cadis zimmerman

“I believe that all persons deserve the right to seek therapy that is ultimately based upon their desired life framework... whatever that may entail. I support self-acceptance and self-expression”

Candis Zimmerman
About therapy

What to expect with Therapy

Therapy is for anybody & everyone! Too many of us believe that it’s weak to show vulnerability or to ask for help when it actually takes an enormous amount of strength to do so.

We’re all going to go through troubled times, finding ourselves in situations we aren’t sure how to navigate on our own and therapy can help.

If you’re doing well, and want to move forward in your personal growth, therapy helps with this too.

Therapy gives a person an opportunity to heal, process and move forward in ways they weren’t able to imagine on their own. It is known fact that with accountability, community, and sense of support, we can achieve remarkable things in our lives.

Difficult Life Transitions

Anxiety and Depression

LGBTQ+ Kink/Poly

Positive Change

Best Therapist Session

Scheduling your first session

Getting in for a session is an easy and painless process. It starts with simply booking a free consultation to meet with Candis virtually so together you can both make sure it’s a good fit to help you accomplish your desired therapy goals

  1. Click to schedule your consultation appointment
  2. Fill out the short questionnaire form
  3. Show up for your appointment at scheduled time & day

Why A Better Path Therapy?

Highly Trained and Experienced

Choosing a highly trained and experienced therapist can make all the difference! Candis is passionate about actively engaging with clients in a down-to-earth manner keeping common sense as an ongoing rule of thumb. While well versed in many traditional counseling techniques, she is also an ATI certified somatic instructor and practices from a NARM framework with CBT sprinkled in when appropriate. She is a former fine arts educator, school counselor, and an operatic vocalist. She grew up in an impoverished household but escaped by focusing on educational opportunities. Having had a wide variety of outside-the-box life experiences enables her to find a personal point of connection which helps put clients at ease while discussing difficult topics.


A Better Path Therapy provides therapy sessions through a virtual program called Telehealth. This means you don’t have to worry about working around your schedule, or adding drive time. Instead, you have the convenience of having your therapy session in the comfort of your own home, while your at work, or even parked in your car. Have your session’s virtually from anywhere! Don’t let having a busy life prevent you from getting the help you deserve. Hours of service is from 2-8p making it easier for those who already have packed daytime schedules.

Wide Range of Services
Wide Range of Services

Whether you're struggling with unresolved issues from your past, trying to deal with current difficult life issues or struggling with fitting into society’s ever increasing expectations therapy can help to cope with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. A Better Path Therapy offers individualized services and works with people on a wide range of topics



There are many kinds of abuse but most commonly I see abuse stemming from family issues which occurred while we were growing up. These issues can turn into certain patterns or behaviors that we then carry with us through our adulthood.

Sometimes we continue the pattern because we believe this is normal behavior. You could also experience anxiety, depression, anger issues, or other things. What is important is to know you’re not alone, becoming self-aware of what behaviors are trauma induced and help rewire your brain to change those patterns and behaviors.


When it comes to aging there can be several different challenges one might encounter. Biological changes, career changes, hormone changes, there are countless issues you can find yourself struggling with entering or late life transitions.

Yes! It is possible to find making peace with the idea of aging so that you can not only continue to have a functional life but also enjoy it.


Anxiety is usually based on fear of our surroundings which we don’t know or understand. This is caused by the unknown and uncertainty. Most often in our lives, the idea of not being in control of something or unsure of an outcome can lead to symptoms of anxiety

Daily life can feel stressful! Our brains are always creating a bigger story and likes to go to the worst-case scenario. Therapy can help you control those ways of thinking and help you to start thinking more rationally.

Body Image Issues

Moving towards healthier self-beliefs regarding eating and body-image can become almost like a meditative path. Those who struggle with these issues battle media and societal expectations while yearning to feel comfortable

accepting themselves as is. Not only do I have knowledge and expertise but have sought out many resources along my own path.

Chronic Pain or Illness

Doing a doggy paddle in circles, is exactly how I like to describe what it feels like living with chronic pain/illness. Every day you wake up and you do the best you can, while trying to learn how to allow yourself to celebrate the little things.

We need people in our corner to help remind us of all the little wins because societal pressures can feel like a lot, and we become too hard on ourselves. All you can do is all you can do and that is enough, be okay with that. That is being successful.


I have personally traveled all the way down this rabbit hole and made my way back out of it to tell you the tale. I have a gift for educating and helping people with all levels of depression. Providing knowledge about the disease helps ease

some of the pain of the struggles living with depression.

Kink/Sexual outsiders: Polyamorous and Open Relationships

I am very well read and knowledgeable on this topic. You can feel safe in this judgement free zone. Trust me, it would be very hard to shock me!

I fully believe that the way that you decide to live your life should not be a determining factor in whether you should be able to receive appropriate mental health care. Therapy can help you navigate the feelings you feel inside, deal with the world, and even find maybe some unanswered questions on why. Whatever you’re dealing with you are supported 100%.

LGBT+ Issues

We are who we are innately, and it is okay to embrace those parts of yourself. Building more awareness on what speaks to you as a person or navigating that you might be one thing but maybe are another through questioning.

People know they don’t fit in with the norm, but sometimes are not sure where they fit. This is one of the things I help people explore coming to terms with their sexual identity and start to embrace it.

Personal Growth

If you are finding yourself on the beautiful journey of personal growth it’s important to surround yourself with people that will foster and nurture your self-awareness and help you set obtainable goals,


We grow self-esteem by making promises to ourselves and keeping those promises. However, naturally as humans we tend to be so hard on ourselves. Therapy helps you see your wins also how you are making progress in your life. This not only grows your self-esteem

but It also helps you find self-acceptance.

Women’s Issues

We ladies deal with a lot of crap from glass ceilings. We often take on more responsibilities in our family without asking for help or asking for equity in our shared duties. These can lead to a lot of emotions like anger, resentment, exhaustion, countless other feelings.

Therapy helps you not only internalize and rationalize those feelings but helps you learn to communicate and establish healthy boundaries so you can start lifting some of the weight off your shoulders.

Post Event Spotlight

Held during Pride Month, the Pride In Business Celebration is a unique opportunity to celebrate the important role of LGBTQ+ and Allied businesses in the Greater Houston economy. The event underscores how the LGBTQ+ & Allied business community works with the broader business community to realize a better city and region.

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